How Do We Scale Up?

Internal illumination removes all limits to bioreactors’ size. BrightWave’s proprietary in-water grow lights are suspended within large-to-massive bioreactors. They provide 360º of light throughout the surrounding culture, resulting in high growth rates and maximum densities. Heat generated by the lights is dissipated without affecting the culture.  

Better yet, the in-water grow lights are cleaned by automated scrubbers that keep the light fixtures from fouling. This translates to significantly longer growing periods between cleaning, and increased productivity.

How Are We Different?

BrightWavePond/RacewayLegacy Indoor
+ Internally Illuminated-i—i—-iX

Our proprietary in-water grow lights can be adapted to tanks of any size. They cost-effectively provide full light throughout the bioreactor, resulting in high growth rates and maximum densities. BrightWave’s novel technology completely evacuates any heat generated by the lights.

+ Industrial Scale——————- X———————————-X

By internally illuminating our bioreactors we enable almost unlimited volume. Our cost-effective in-water grow light arrays can illuminate any size bioreactor – whether it’s 200 liters or 2,000,000 liters.

+ Continuous Cleaning—-i——X

Our in-water grow lights are continuously cleaned by automated scrubbers that prevent algae buildup. Because the scrubbers are fully immersed within the culture, along with the in-water grow lights, they do not introduce contaminants into the bioreactor.

+ Footprint Efficiency—-l——–X

BrightWave maximizes footprint efficiency, which measures and compares productivity in a given physical space. Our bioreactors outperform any other outdoor or indoor algae growth platform – by a wide margin. 

+ Closed System—–l————–X————————————————————————-X

Our closed bioreactors include an automated control system that regulates the primary growth factors including temperature, pH, nutrient delivery, lighting, and air/gas flow – and does so remotely, without exposing any of the components to ambient air. Contamination risk is greatly reduced.

+ Ease of Use———–l-i————X

BrightWave’s bioreactors are fully automated and are controlled via desktop or mobile app. All aspects of operations, from maximizing growth conditions through harvesting, are automated and controlled. PBRs can be used with all micro-algae strains. Systems are maintained with minimal staff.

IMET certified that our PBRs will grow algae to the maximum densities

and daily growth rates as identified in the EMA Strain Catalog.

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Used, refined, and ruggedized internally for years in some of the most difficult conditions for growing algae - flue gas/CO2 mitigation.

Now it is available to others in the industry!

After years of experience with different algal strains, we partnered with University of Maryland's Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) to certify the efficacy of our PBRs