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The Difference Thoughtful Design Makes

BrightWave’s photobioreactors (PBRs) are designed to provide the ideal growth environment, whether the goal is to produce a versatile and renewable feedstock co-located with manufacturing, or to pair biomass production with carbon capture or nutrient removal.

Our PBRs provide users with complete control of lighting, pH, temperature, air flow and nutrient delivery.  And all of our PBRs are equipped with BrightWave’s in-water grow lights and continuous cleaning system that provide months of uninterrupted production.

Our design becomes your strategic advantage.

How We’re Different

Our proprietary in-water grow lights adapt to tanks of any size. They cost-effectively provide full light throughout the photobioreactor, resulting in high growth rates and maximum densities. BrightWave’s novel technology evacuates any heat generated by the lights.

By internally illuminating our bioreactors we enable almost unlimited scale. Our cost-effective in-water grow light arrays are effective with any size bioreactor – whether it’s 200 liters or 2,000,000 liters.

Our in-water grow lights are cleaned by automated scrubbers that prevent algae buildup and biofouling.

BrightWave maximizes areal productivity, which measures biomass productivity in a given footprint. Our PBRs outperform any outdoor or indoor algae growth platform in the world – by a wide margin.

Our closed photobioreactors include an automated control system that regulates temperature, pH, nutrient delivery, lighting, and air/gas flow – and does so remotely. Contamination risk is greatly reduced.

BrightWave’s photobioreactors are fully automated and are controlled via desktop or mobile app. PBRs can be used with all microalgae strains, and our PBR systems are designed to be maintained with minimal staff.

250 Liter PBR

  • PBR Volume:   Total – 257L | Working – 200L

  • PBR Dimensions:   18″D x 48″H | 45.7cm x 121.9cm

  • Output:*   Up to 34kg biomass annually

  • Electrical Usage:   2.52 kWh

  • Light Intensity Range:   0 – 500 Lumens/Liter

1250 Liter PBR

  • PBR Volume:   Total – 1231 L | Working – 1100 L

  • PBR Dimensions:   36″D x 86″H | 91.4cm x 218.4cm

  • Output:*   Up to 165kg biomass annually

  • Electrical Usage:   10.08 kWh

  • Light Intensity Range:   0 – 400+ Lumens/Liter

5700 Liter PBR

  • PBR Volume:   Total – 5678L | Working 5100L

  • PBR Dimensions:   64″D x 134″H | 162.5cm x 340.4cm

  • Output:*   Up to 670kg biomass annually

  • Electrical Usage:   22.68 kWh

  • Light Intensity Range:   0 – 400+ Lumens/Liter

37900 Liter PBR

  • PBR Volume:   Total – 37854L | Working – 35000L

  • PBR Dimensions:   120″D x 140″H | 304.8cm x 355.6cm

  • Output:*   Up to 4,600kg biomass annually

  • Electrical Usage:   90.72 kWh

  • Light Intensity Range:   0 – 400+ Lumens/Liter

**Output will vary based on strain cultivated and user’s specific requirements.

Tested and Certified at the University of Maryland’s Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology