Our Mission

We’ve leveraged algae, photosynthesis, and some pretty cool innovations to come up with an effective, scaled – and cost-effective – approach to some of the planet’s most pressing challenges.  The world needs big solutions to effectively confront issues like food insecurity and climate change. It needs a path to cleaner, more organic supply chains. It needs more companies with sustainable operations. 

BrightWave grows algae at industrial scale indoors, in a completely closed and automated environment that is optimal for producing premium biomass at large volumes. We can generate a greater yield of biomass per square meter of footprint than anyone. For companies seeking to reduce their emissions – whether direct or through their suppliers (or both) –BrightWave has the solution. 

BrightWave also works with organizations of all sizes reduce airborne emissions to meet mitigation targets. Our closed system captures COand naturally converts it to biomass – and revenue.   

Our patented systems can advance global efforts toward overcoming huge challenges like food insecurity and global warming. They also contribute to a cleaner environment – not only through CCU, but through the potential they offer for cleaner sourcing with algae-based byproducts. Our ability to scale makes that possible.  

IMET certified that our PBRs will grow algae to the maximum densities

and daily growth rates as identified in the EMA Strain Catalog.

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Used, refined, and ruggedized internally for years in some of the most difficult conditions for growing algae - flue gas/CO2 mitigation.

Now it is available to others in the industry!

After years of experience with different algal strains, we partnered with University of Maryland's Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) to certify the efficacy of our PBRs