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BrightWave’s innovative bioreactor systems generate lab-quality biomass at industrial scale – the kind of scale required to have a significant impact on global challenges like meeting the demand for food, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and de-carbonizing fuels and supply chains  

Progressing toward a low-carbon future is an imperative. Let BrightWave start you on the right path

IMET certified that our PBRs will grow algae to the maximum densities

and daily growth rates as identified in the EMA Strain Catalog.

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Used, refined, and ruggedized internally for years in some of the most difficult conditions for growing algae - flue gas/CO2 mitigation.

Now it is available to others in the industry!

After years of experience with different algal strains, we partnered with University of Maryland's Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) to certify the efficacy of our PBRs